ARomatherapy Scents®


A-Roma-Therapy is a handmade 100% natural soy wax candle business. It all began the weekend of my twenty-first birthday. One day I couldn't help myself from spending all day/night researching and watching "How to make candles" on youtube. Not knowing that I would actually find tons of interesting videos! I was then at ease because I knew that candle making is something that I would have such a great time doing. For those who know me, know that I love scents, I love smelling good, and I love my home smelling as good as I do(hahaha). I have a tendency to just smell everything around me, I mean who doesn't? It is a part of our five senses, duh! I have a huge stash of scented candles and it always intrigued me how they were made. And that's how I decided to actually experiment and ta-da, Aromatherapy came to mind.